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Get your clients to quadruple their savings with you.

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What is Become a Forum Level Rep?

You were born a forum level rep, you just haven’t realized it yet. Most reps only capture 1% of their clients’ income into premium. They don’t actually capture the dollars. If they just worked with the same people, the same meetings and they actually captured the dollars, they’d be a forum level rep. Most forum level reps that get to forum can’t explain how they got there. The problem is how they stay at forum level status is often by building an investment empire. But, how did they get there in the first place? It was by getting people to save money out of their own income.

How Become a Forum Level Rep Will Change Your Life

Leverage Forum Level Status

Leverage who you are and what you can do to become a forum level rep.

Build Focus and Boundaries

Discover how you’re going to focus yourself and enforce boundaries to allow success to come to you.

Live Out the Forum Life

Show your value to the world and learn how to feel worthy of success for yourself.

Get Your Clients to Quadruple Their Savings With You

Leverage the client experience by ensuring clients understand your value, letting the clients experience your success, and by sharing your unique gifts with the clients.

Be Curious with Your Clients

Live out curiosity with your clients by overcoming being defensive, establishing that the world is grey, and by listening to understand vs. listening to respond.

Establish Your True Worth

We'll show you how to establish your true worth so you can live out the forum life.


If you've ever done a training course before then you know that it's generally 1 person giving you the tips and tricks that has worked best for them. Well, truth of the matter is, that there are 4 types of sales people. Performers, Inspirers, Engergizers, and Fascinators. Not sure which you are? No problem, we'll help you discover that. But the fact is that you are one of them, you just may not know which. Rule the Room has 1 leading industry professional from each of the 4 sales personalities teaching every course so you know how to apply our tips and tricks in a style you're comfortable with.

Our Speakers


Access to these advisors would cost you well over $5000 a day in consulting fees,

and you get them for 2 full days.

Karl Dettmann

Matt Heckmann

John Adams

Chris Koon

Featuring Guest Speaker

Rebecca Bast

Part 1

8 Hours of Life Changing Content

You’ll learn how to:


Session #1: Leverage Your Focus

o Stay focused outside of work
o Stay focused at work
o Leverage others to stay focused

Session #3: Leverage the Client Experience

o Ensure clients understand your value
o Let the clients experience your success
o Share your unique gifts with clients

Session #5: Leverage Your Staff

o Empower your staff to take things off your plate
o Inspect delegated tasks to ensure exceeded expectations
o Fix minor issues before they become a big problem

Session #7: Practice for Your Certification Test

Session #2: Leverage Your Boundaries

o Identify forum-level boundaries
o Recognize boundaries where you fall short
o Enforce forum-level boundaries in your life

Session #4: Leverage Your Prospecting with Clients

o Get your advocates in place
o Expect highly tee’d up introductions
o Reap the reward of your new prospects

Session #6: Leverage Your Office

o Leverage leadership
o Leverage in-house staff
o Leverage joint-work both wayss

Part 2

8 More Hours of Improving your Business

You’ll learn how to:


Session #8: Live Out Your True Worth

o Identify how valuable you really are
o Accept how valuable you really are
o Bring that value to the rest of the world

Session #10: Live Your Authenticity

o Assess who you are
o Put yourself out there
o Go big

Session #12: Live Out Your Own Savings Values

o Save radically in your own life
o Get buy-in for radical saving from your clients
o Perpetuate radical saving beyond the client meeting

Session #14: Prepare for Your Certification Test

Session #9: Live Out Curiosity

o Overcome being defensive
o Establish that the world is grey
o Listen to understand vs. listen to respond

Session #11: Live Out Giving First

o Identify your greatest gift for other people
o Live out the people you serve
o Live out how well you serve them

Session #13: Live Out Accepting Lots of Money

o Feel your clients are worthy or success
o Feel worthy of success for yourself
o Be truly open to receiving

Jason has put in the time and effort to understand what our top advisors are doing to achieve results. He has a great ability to teach different personalities a sales process that works and feels like they are selling in their own skin.

Brian Boucher, CLTC

Frankly, we love the component of teaching the ‘art’ of selling. This is some of the best sales training I have ever seen and our reps love it.

David Kiecker, Managing Partner

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