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Practice Management – It’s Time to Gain Control of your Business.


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What is Build Your Ark?

When you’re new in the business, you’re given the ark. You’re given the framework. Now, it’s time for you to build your own ark. Successful practice management gives you the ability to have your business run itself even if you’re not there. The other programs teach you what to do with capacity. This programs teaches you how to increase the capacity. It’s about you and your business. What the general agency provides for you hits its limits pretty fast. This program will start to unleash the limitless possibilities of this business. When you’re leveraging the agency’s staff, the leash is a lot shorter. This program will make the leash a lot longer. You’re going to be greatly increasing your capacity for success.

How Build Your Ark Will Change Your Life

Expand Your Business Plan

Expand your professional development by beginning with the end in mind.

Establish Accountability

Discover how to set up accountability for your accountability items to ensure follow-thru for your to-do’s deadlines.

Establish Financial Control

Establish healthy financial and time boundaries while you reinvest in your business.

Make Your Client Meetings More Impactful

Be the ripple in your clients' lives to stretch their minds. Have an expected outcome to every meeting and impact clients in a positive light to create change. Learn the art of building all of the key ingredients you need before the sale so that by the time you show up to the fact finder or the close, the pieces are in order.

Create a Staffing Model

Build teamwork through clear position descriptions and learn how to determine whether to hire new staff or leverage the staff you already have. You'll learn when it's time to hire staff and whether you need client or non-client facing staff.

Demystify Marketing Expenses

Figure out what marketing money is being spent where and assess whether it makes sense to continue marketing in that area. Learn to be observant when with people and to gauge when there is an opportunity for growth.


If you've ever done a training course before then you know that it's generally 1 person giving you the tips and tricks that has worked best for them. Well, truth of the matter is, that there are 4 types of sales people. Performers, Inspirers, Engergizers, and Fascinators. Not sure which you are? No problem, we'll help you discover that. But the fact is that you are one of them, you just may not know which. Rule the Room has 1 leading industry professional from each of the 4 sales personalities teaching every course so you know how to apply our tips and tricks in a style you're comfortable with.

Our Speakers


Access to these advisors would cost you well over $5000 a day in consulting fees,

and you get them for 2 full days.

Karl Dettmann

Matt Heckmann

John Adams

Chris Koon

Featuring Guest Speaker

Scott Sparks

Part 1

8 Hours of Life Changing Content

You’ll learn how to:


Session #1: Begin With the End in Mind

o Gain clarity around your success
o Zero in on your happiness
o Visualize your freedom

Session #3: Create a Staffing Model

o Determine whether to hire or leverage staff
o Figure out your next couple hires
o Create the position descriptions

Session #5: Make your Client Meetings More Impactful

o Make every meeting count
o Have an expected outcome to every meeting
o Impact clients in a positive light to create change

Session #7: Practice for Your Certification Test

Session #2: Expand Your Professional Development

o Become relevant with industry designations
o Separate yourself with professional self-development
o Rise to the top with personal self-development

Session #4: Be Proactive with Client Management

o Establish a client/year target revenue
o Establish client segmentation
o Get rid of the boat anchor clients

Session #6: Establish Accountability and Follow-Thru

o List out to-do’s and accountability items
o Set up accountability for your accountability items
o Ensure follow-thru for your to-do’s deadlines

Part 2

8 More Hours of Improving your Business

You’ll learn how to:


Session #8: Stop the Bleeding

o Identify where you’re weak enforcing financial boundaries
o Establish healthy financial and time boundaries
o Implement a process to enforce those boundaries.

Session #10: Reinvest in the Business

o Determine percentage of money to reinvest back in your business
o Establish the minimum return on investment
o Hold yourself accountable to reinvesting in the business

Session #13: Maximize Accounting and Bookkeeping

o Make sure you have the right accountant and bookkeeper
o Gain knowledge on the rules of accounting and bookkeeping
o Maximize your accounting and bookkeeping

Session #9: Forecast Revenue

o Identify tangible revenue metrics
o Identify existing sources of revenue
o Forecast future sources of revenue

Session #11 and 12: Demystify Marketing Expenses

o Figure out what marketing money is being spent where
o Determine revenue generated from clients in that area
o Assess whether it makes sense to continue marketing in that area

Session #14: Prepare for Your Certification Test

Jason has put in the time and effort to understand what our top advisors are doing to achieve results. He has a great ability to teach different personalities a sales process that works and feels like they are selling in their own skin.

Brian Boucher, CLTC

Frankly, we love the component of teaching the ‘art’ of selling. This is some of the best sales training I have ever seen and our reps love it.

David Kiecker, Managing Partner

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