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Christy Geiger

Christy is an Executive Coach with a truly refreshing and unique perspective. Since 2002, she has coached over 1,000 individuals to break through personal and business barriers to unlock their top performance. Christy is passionate about challenging the status quo and supporting her clients to achieve their desired objectives.

She has a Master's degree in Psychology, is certified in the DISC personality system and Guerilla Marketing. Her extensive background in human psychology, assessments and strategic planning allows her to develop custom plans tailored to each client’s personal strengths and styles to increase efficiency and productivity.  

With her approach, she has helped sales professionals, solopreneurs, business leaders and C-level executives to transform and expand their organization. Whether a start-up or growing into a multi-million dollar business, Christy is a strategic partner to help her clients achieve new levels in sales, marketing and production. Based out of Austin, TX, Christy brings a blend of warmth, energy and focus to those with whom she works.     
Jeannie Fowle

Coaching has played a key role in Jeannie’s work for more than 20 years. She became a Certified Coach (Pete Greider Breakthrough Coaching) in 2003 and formed her coaching practice in 2008. In that time, she had personally coached hundreds of leaders in sales and leadership – including coaching several clients to the stage at Annual and Regional meetings. Jeannie is passionate about helping clients build a lucrative practice while at the same time helping them thrive personally and having a lot of fun.

Jeannie joined the Northwestern in 1994 in the POS department. In 1995, she was promoted to the Agency Department as a Recruitment and New Financial Representative Development Consultant. In this role, she worked on the development of the Fastrack Training Program and served as a recruitment consultant to the 20 largest Network Offices in the system. In 1998, she joined the Goris Financial Group as a financial representative. In addition to Pacesetter 40 and Second 60, she also placed in the Top 10 in the Central Regional among all new financial representatives. In her second year in the business, she became the Director of Training and was appointed to Field Director. In 2001, she began working as the Field Director /Trainer/ Assistant Managing Partner for the Brown Network Office in Cleveland.

Jason Teteak

Jason Teteak is the cofounder and author of Rule the Room Financial. Over the last 36 months Jason has personally worked with the four other Rule the Room Financial cofounders: Karl Dettmann, Chris Koon, Matt Heckmann, John Adams along with other elite advisors such as Rebecca Bast, Katherine Forrester and Scott Sparks to create the Rule the Room Financial programs and then travel to over two dozen agencies to help them implement the programs. Jason has been coaching financial advisors using the RTR curriculum ever since.  

 His mission is to fuel your game with one simple formula: Durable Fulfillment = Happiness + Success + Freedom. Many reps have achieved just one or two of the three in the formula, but only a select few have durable fulfillment (all three). He helps people just like you – high integrity, caring people that are building great practices, that care about their families, that care about their communities, to clearly envision and intentionally live the lives that are going to give them a lot of joy and impact through durable fulfillment. 
Mona Pliskie

Helping Financial Advisors achieve their goals and dreams has been Mona’s passion for over 12 years. As both a successful salesperson and sales manager, she realized that helping others realize what is possible, was the most fulfilling aspect of her role. After having the opportunities to manage the Field Consulting area of Northwestern Mutual, develop the Forum coaching program and travel extensively to field offices, she joined Northwestern Mutual Chicago where she became the Network’s first Chief Growth Officer. She was responsible for growing revenue, new clients, lives and the number of Forum producers. 

  After learning and experiencing what the best practices were within one of the Network’s most storied offices for over 5 years, Mona was driven to take this knowledge to others within the system. She has since been privileged to work with some of the most productive Network Offices as a Strategic Growth Consultant and has been blessed to have also served as a coach to financial advisors who have experienced explosive growth.

She is passionate about both the art and the science of the business and believes in endless possibilities for growth and impact.

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”Jason gave one of the most impressive and engaging mini-training 's that I’ve ever seen. It was a short 15 minute one on one ‘How to launch an effective presentation.’ "
-Todd ElkinProject & Product Manager
"I conquered my fear in my last presentation. Thanks to Jason, I was able to give my presentation effectively in front of a crowd without the security of a podium or table."
Payvand Moaddel Associate Software Engineer
”Your presentation was extremely helpful. I had thought my presentation was all but finished. Then I attended the webinar and learned that I had committed most of the sins of PowerPoint and was preparing to lead my attendees to a slow and painful death by PowerPoint. Yikes! I had always thought the PowerPoint was the presentation and needed to stand alone on its own. Probably because I see so many like that.”
- Gregory Hopson , University of Iowa
”Jason is a master at understanding people. What has been interesting to me is that Jason uses his own techniques to
“rule the room.”

Jeremy WrightProject Manager
“The presentation skills courses I have taken from Jason have really helped me gain credibility with my customers. That has increased my confidence, and has also fueled me to improve my internal communication skills..."
Sarah Bottjen Epic Project Management/Implementation Director