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Welcome to Coaching with Rule the Room Financial

Transform your business with dynamic coaching that brings together the best of personal and professional growth, and the toolbox from Rule the Room Financial which is a collection of knowledge, resources and principles of top producer system wide. 

Is your production shy of where you would like it to be? 

 Do you know – deep down – that you are capable of more, but it just isn’t happening. 

 Intellectually, you understand what activities will get you to the production levels you desire, but your actions are simply not in alignment. 


 How can you break out of this frustrating cycle? 

 Rule The Room Financial Coaching might be just what you need.
While employing the principals of Rule the Room Financial, our experienced coaches can help you unlock your true potential. 

How Do They Do This?
Peak Production
Get clarity on your business goals and objectives by understanding your personality and unique style and identifying gaps then bridge them with skills, systems and strategies to take your practice to the next level. 
Create traction by eliminating distractions, develop repeatable systems and design a path for success.
Have a game plan with clear strategies and systems that allow you to easily focus on the action that helps you achieve your desired results. 
Take Your Business to the Next Level
Business Coaching
(Build Your Business)
Personal Development
(Grow Your Skills)
Performance Training
(Be Your Best Self)
  •  Think big picture
  •  Focus on mission and vision
  •  Plan strategically
  •  Design measurables
  •  Position to gain traction
  •  Drive growth and expansion
  •  Develop long term plans
  •  Increase profitability
  •  Receive accountability
  •  Impactful communication
  •  Clear prioritization
  •  Strategic goal setting
  •   Compelling language
  •   Sales mastery
  •   Client leadership
  •   Positive influence
  •  Intentional balance
  •  Personal resilience
  • Leverage your strengths
  •  Manage your energy and time
  •  Clarify your purpose
  •  Perfect your systems
  •  Build powerful habits
  •  Plan proactively
  •  Think abundantly
  •  Develop key (repeatable) processes
  •  Invest in your health and wellness
Coaches Who Walk the Talk
Our Rule the Room Financial (RTRF) Coaches are all trained and seasoned in RTRF curriculum, as well as successful entrepreneurs just like you. As entrepreneurs, they too started from scratch and built thriving enterprises. They know what it takes to run a business and all of the excitement and challenges that can go along with it. As qualified and proficient coaches, experienced business owners, and Certified RTRF specialists, they support you to personally advance and professionally excel in your life, work and business.
Christy Geiger

Christy is an Executive Coach with a truly refreshing and unique perspective. Since 2002, she has coached over 1,000 individuals to break through personal and business barriers to unlock their top performance. Christy is passionate about challenging the status quo and supporting her clients to achieve their desired objectives.

She has a Master's degree in Psychology, is certified in the DISC personality system and Guerilla Marketing. Her extensive background in human psychology, assessments and strategic planning allows her to develop custom plans tailored to each client’s personal strengths and styles to increase efficiency and productivity.   
Jeannie Fowle

Coaching has played a key role in Jeannie’s work for more than 20 years. She became a Certified Coach (Pete Greider Breakthrough Coaching) in 2003 and formed her coaching practice in 2008. In that time, she had personally coached hundreds of leaders in sales and leadership – including coaching several clients to the stage at Annual and Regional meetings. Jeannie is passionate about helping clients build a lucrative practice while at the same time helping them thrive personally and having a lot of fun.
Jason Teteak

Jason Teteak is the cofounder and author of Rule the Room Financial. Over the last 36 months Jason has personally worked with the four other Rule the Room Financial cofounders: Karl Dettmann, Chris Koon, Matt Heckmann, John Adams along with other elite advisors such as Rebecca Bast, Katherine Forrester and Scott Sparks to create the Rule the Room Financial programs and then travel to over two dozen agencies to help them implement the programs.  Jason has been coaching financial using the RTR curriculum ever since.
Mona Pliskie

Helping Financial Advisors achieve their goals and dreams has been Mona’s passion for over 12 years. As both a successful salesperson and sales manager, she realized that helping others realize what is possible, was the most fulfilling aspect of her role. After having the opportunities to manage the Field Consulting area of Northwestern Mutual, develop the Forum coaching program and travel extensively to field offices, she joined Northwestern Mutual Chicago where she became the Network’s first Chief Growth Officer. She was responsible for growing revenue, new clients, lives and the number of Forum producers.  
Interested in Improving Your Business?
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Coaching Includes Access to All Nine 
Rule the Room Financial Programs
Whether you're just getting started or have been running your practice for years,
Rule the Room Financial Coaching can help take you to the next level.
Year 1: Attract Clients Like Wildfire
Fill Your Calendar with People
 who are Ready for Business
Learn How to Seal the 
Fact Finding Deal

Get Your Clients to Sell Themselves
Year 2: Make it More Efficient
Double Your Productivity and Profits While Working Smarter
Become the CEO of Your Business
Deliver Client Reviews with Impact
Year 3: Think Bigger
Allow Success to Come to You
Get Your Clients to Quadruple Their Savings with You
Gain Control of Your Business
Extensive Rule the Room Financial Coaching Program
Effective January 2017 offices will have access to Rule the Room Financial's Year One Program: Attract Clients like Wildfire. 
Each office determines how they want to navigate and implement this foundational curriculum. 
This program will equip agents with keys to develop systems and habits to launch and grow a powerful business.
Attract Clients Like Wildfire
Start with Stack the Deck to fill your pipeline with customers looking to do business.
Win the Relationship will get your clients on board.
Close the Sale will show poi how yo get clients to close themselves.
Having a toolbox and key systems developed by proven industry leaders is a great place to start. 

However, we all know knowledge without execution does not get you across the finish line. 

 One of the greatest challenges for many business professionals is the difference between having the knowledge accessible and actually learning, absorbing, applying and implementing that learning in a way that works for each unique individual. 

That is where coaching comes in. 

Often we are confident we can do it ourselves and quickly find ourselves distracted, spinning and overwhelmed with the many challenges of starting, developing and expanding and thriving business. 

Coaching is a dynamic, personal and strategic tool to accelerate your understanding and implementation of the best practices that will take you to your highest level.
The Accelerated Rule the Room Financial Coaching Program is For...  
  •  Movers and shakers who want to quickly break through levels of business growth and development. 
  •  Understand themselves and any things that hold them back. 
  •  Leverage their strengths and profile. 
  •  Set clear targets and goals. 
  •  Learn and apply key RTRF strategies. 
  •  Stay accountable and on track to rapid growth and results.
This program is a ONE YEAR program, to accelerate your learning of Rule the Room fundamentals and master the Rule the Room System = Wildfire Advisor.
It Includes:
  • Access to ALL Rule the Room Financial Programs (year one, two and three)   
  •  Monthly coaching with your personal Certified RTRF Coach (2, 50-min coaching calls per month)
  •  E-mail support between the calls from your Certified RTRF Coach
  •  Access to the Rule The Room Financial Coaching Facebook group to collaborate with other movers and shakers in the program
Program Cost:
  •  $1,000 per month (month to month, drafted first of each month for that month of coaching)
  •  Save $2,000 or get 2 months months free with an annual, one time payment of $10,000
Program Details: 
  •  Based on your goals and profile a best-fit Certified Rule the Room Financial Coach is selected for you
  •   Together you and your coach set up a coaching schedule to connect two times each month for coaching (*Coaching Terms and Conditions)
  •  You are given a private and secure log-in access to all RTRF programs to support your growth and development
$1,000 per month
Get 2 months months free with an annual, one time payment of $10,000

Interested in Improving Your Business?
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”Jason gave one of the most impressive and engaging mini-training 's that I’ve ever seen. It was a short 15 minute one on one ‘How to launch an effective presentation.’ "
-Todd ElkinProject & Product Manager
"I conquered my fear in my last presentation. Thanks to Jason, I was able to give my presentation effectively in front of a crowd without the security of a podium or table."
Payvand Moaddel Associate Software Engineer
”Your presentation was extremely helpful. I had thought my presentation was all but finished. Then I attended the webinar and learned that I had committed most of the sins of PowerPoint and was preparing to lead my attendees to a slow and painful death by PowerPoint. Yikes! I had always thought the PowerPoint was the presentation and needed to stand alone on its own. Probably because I see so many like that.”
- Gregory Hopson , University of Iowa
”Jason is a master at understanding people. What has been interesting to me is that Jason uses his own techniques to
“rule the room.”

Jeremy WrightProject Manager
“The presentation skills courses I have taken from Jason have really helped me gain credibility with my customers. That has increased my confidence, and has also fueled me to improve my internal communication skills..."
Sarah Bottjen Epic Project Management/Implementation Director