Prospecting is the single most important talent of successful financial advisors. You cannot grow your business without a steady influx of new leads.

In this clip, Chris Koon and Jason Teteak show you 3 easy tactics to implement at the office tomorrow on how to prospect over the phone, in person, and via email."

It’s time to get excited about picking up the phone.

The phone is the start of all opportunity in this business. If you don’t set appointments, you’ll never get fact finders. Without fact finders, you’ll never get the sales, and you’ll never get the referrals. All things that matriculate success in this business start with the phone.

“Prospect in Different Scenarios” is a clip from our program “Stack the Deck” which focuses on creating or molding your phoning into a unique and genuine phoning style that fits with your personality. When you’re genuine, that’s the most attractive version of yourself, and that’s what’s going to lead people to want to meet with you and you’re going to separate yourself from a typical salesperson.

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