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What is Rule the Room Financial About?

Imagine having four of the top producing financial advisors in the country at your site every week or every month helping your reps develop a genuine and efficient sales process, easily obtain new high quality referrals and experience lower levels of stress doing it.

Imagine further that we send along a world renowned trainer to decode the experience by showing your reps WHY each technique works, how to do it using their own unique communication style and apply practical techniques right away.

Easy to Implement & Start Training

Master trainer Jason Teteak has planned out all of our lessons with a detailed workbook for the training rep and also an implementer’s guide for your trainers. With all of our training hosted in the cloud,  your reps can watch our videos as many times as they want, at work or in the comfort of their own home. In the first year of training, your reps will start the “attract clients like wildfire” certification programs. Our goal is to fill their pipeline with customers looking to do business, showing them how to get their clients on-board, and how to close the sale. Retention is a huge issue in the financial world and Rule the Room Financial is here to make your employees more successful and happy with what they do.

How do you Facilitate the Programs?

You will receive each video program (starting with Stack the Deck) recorded and ready to go. Each course is an interactive Video course that provides your financial advisors new and beneficial learning experiences as they work with prospects and clients.

Each licensed video program comes with three things: The first is a video that contains fourteen “1-hour sessions” or lessons streamed from our website.

The second is a workbook for each financial advisor to follow along with the video, take notes, and read information on their own. You can either print these up for yourself or you can order these from Rule the Room Financial.

The third is a facilitator’s guide that serves as a roadmap that walks you through exactly what you need to say and do while facilitating the program such as starting and stopping the video and facilitating class activities and assignments that correspond to the topics covered in the video.

Other than the activities that take place when the DVD is paused or stopped, the bulk of the learning occurs as your advisors watch the video and simultaneously fill out their workbooks.

Each course will take approximately 14 hours to complete. That’s because there are 14 sessions in each program. Each session is one hour long. Each one-hour session is broken up into approximately 40 minutes of video and 20 minutes of activities. Therefore, you’ll want to dedicate a total of 60 minutes of classroom time for each session.

It’s up to you how you break up the overall training. You could hold one session per week for one hour (for example every Monday from 10:30am – 11:30am). This creates a pattern and helps ensure everyone will be in attendance. You could also divide it up into three straight days of six hours each day to form a “3-day boot camp”. Or, you could do a 1 day of training every month for 3 months on the last Friday of the month.

How does the Assessment Work?

At the very end of the program, you will receive an assessment to administer to each of your financial advisors. It is a performance based qualitative assessment, not a “scantron”, and it is administered by a trainer or manager at your site. You will receive a complete rubric and guide on exactly what questions to ask and how to assess the rep’s answers.

For example, for the Close the Sale program, you will be asking each advisor to do real, live, qualitative work with you to show they can do the following before, during and after the close: Create an irresistible attraction, Put the client at ease immediately, Build trust with both people, Secure a commitment around the plan, Draw out requests for your recommendation, Get them to sell themselves on the solution, Land future prospects again and again.

How Does the Certification Work?

At the very end of the program, you will receive an assessment to administer to each of your financial advisors. It is a performance based qualitative assessment, not a “scantron”, and it is administered by a trainer or manager at your site. You will receive a complete rubric and guide on exactly what questions to ask and how to assess the rep’s answers.

Upon completion of each course and the assessment, each of your advisors may be awarded a bronze, silver or gold ribbon depending on how well they did on the assessment. The advisors that successfully complete the assessment for each of the three programs for any given year at a bronze level or higher, will receive a certification. For example, when each of your advisors have received either a bronze, silver or gold ribbon for Stack the Deck, Win the Relationship, and Close the Sale, they will each receive an “Attract Clients Like Wildfire Certification”. Here are the five different certifications corresponding to each year of the program:1) Attract Clients like Wildfire (Attract Clients Certification)2) Make It More Efficient Certification (Efficient Practice Certification)3) Think Bigger Certification (Think Bigger Certification)4) Broaden Your Skill Set Certification (Broaden Skills Certification)5) Become an Elite Advisor (Elite Advisor Certification)

Frankly, we love the component of teaching the ‘art’ of selling. This is some of the best sales training I have ever seen and our reps love it.

David Kiecker, Managing Partner

We are only four months into Rule The Room and I have already heard more positive comments about this training then I had heard the previous three years. It is real world, practical training meant to help our advisors obtain clients. The advisors that are providing the training are all excellent advisors, which is very important to me. So far, it has exceeded my expectations.

Shawn Kelley, Managing Partner

We are excited to be partnering with Rule the Room and our Financial Representatives are benefiting from our weekly meetings and training. They love the ability to understand multiple different ways to communicate the value of what we are providing for our clients. The ability to understand how different people respond to different motivators has been awesome!

Kevin Lawhon, Managing Partner

I really wanted it because it is easy to use from a network office or a district office, and it’s already kind of laid out for you for the next few years. We have it being used every single week at our different district offices.I think its also been very valuable because we have not only promoted it to new reps, but also the more experienced reps who also have found it very helpful for their own development. We’ve had extremely tremendous feedback from reps.There are really two things that make it valuable, the first being that reps can now identify their own styles and use that when they’re selling to clients. The exercises dealing with the head trash that we all have has also been extremely valuable.So far we are extremely pleased. I’ve even gotten feedback from a rep after they had a session on telephoning, saying that it instantly helped his telephoning after he left the room. He set more appointments in that hour than he had in a couple weeks.

Brian Cunningham, Managing Partner

We made the decision to participate in Rule the Room Financial based on feedback from our FR’s who attended some of the live sessions in 2014 and returned with insight and ideas that were easy and convenient to implement into their practice. The reps found the format was customized to various communication styles so they could identify with at least one of the presenters. We use the video sessions for the educational portion of our weekly Team Gold meetings. The videos are also available for associates to review at their convenience. Another benefit of the program is the ability for all of our associates to attend the live sessions throughout the year at no additional tuition or book cost. All in all, we felt Rule the Room would benefit all of our associates and result in increased productivity.

Timothy Bohannon, Managing Partner

We have been working extensively with Jason on implementing his 5 year training course in our office. Our experience with Jason and his program has been fantastic! The advisors are loving the content in the program. Jason is very hands-on with our training and development team and has provided support during the rollout. He and his team were available to help us effectively implement the program to our five agency offices. Jason has been especially helpful from the “train the trainer” perspective. He has provided one-on-one consultations with recommendations, ideas and brainstorming sessions as to how our team can effectively facilitate and deliver the material to our advisors.

Kathryn Thornton, Director of Training

I'm finally getting a chance to get into this stuff and wanted to let you know that my early impression of it is - WELL DONE!! I really like the professional way Jason put this together and the extreme ease of delivery, not to mention the phenomenal content.
As a 30 yr veteran, it's very interesting to watch this as I can definitely attest to the truths and observations you're sharing with the reps fortunate enough to get exposed to this material. I am also very confident that I will learn a ton myself as I go through the program. Thanks for doing this and keep up the great work you're doing. This stuff is going to change people's lives!!

Brian Wilcox, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®, CASL®, CLTC