Close the Sale

Get prospects to sell themselves on the solution.


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A few of the takeaways from Close the Sale

Create an Irresistible Attraction

Learn what it takes to make a client more attracted to your personality.

Build Trust and Ease the Client

Find out how to make your clients more comfortable and open.

Get them to Sell Themselves

Ask leading questions to determine your clients motivations and get them to close their own deals.

How attractive are you?

When someone knows you’re being genuine and sincere, it’s attractive because they can trust you. The #1 need of an adult is to feel safe. Clients aren’t safe with advisors who aren’t being true to themselves.

Quickly identify with your clients by using your personality style (Fascinator, Inspirer, Energizer, or Performer). Not sure where you fall on that list? This course will help you identify and embrace your natural personality style and identify what makes you attractive.

Rawrrrr - Building Trust & Being Yourself

Why does Karl Dettman have a T-Rex on his desk? It’s because the first step to making your clients feel comfortable starts with creating a genuine and calming environment.

Learn how to decorate your office, how to prepare for meetings, and other tips to make your clients feel safe.

Get them to Sell Themselves

Learn how to use leading questions to discover your clients vision and why its important to them. Once your client realizes why their own vision is important, they will be so much more grateful to you when you help them achieve it.

This means you’re no longer selling to clients, you’re coaching clients to align themselves with their own values so they can achieve their dreams.

Part 1

8 Hours of Mind-blowing Content

You’ll learn how to:


Session #1: Create Irresistible Attraction

  • Identify what makes you attractive
  • Embody your natural personality style
  • Be genuine to your core values and beliefs

Session #3: Build Trust with Both People

  • Refresh why you exist
  • Reaffirm the relationship
  • Get everyone on the same page

Session #5: Secure a Commitment around the Plan

  • Make it quick and concise
  • Make it certain
  • Show proof of concept

Session #7: Practice for the Certification Test

Session #2: Put the Client at Ease Immediately

  • Create a calm environment
  • Prepare your genuine self
  • Make the client feel safe

Session #4: Coach Your Clients

  • Ask anchoring questions
  • Share impactful analogies
  • Steer wandering clients back

Session #6: Draw Out Requests for Your Recommendation

  • Maintain a calm environment feel
  • Monitor the prospects
  • Present your recommendation

Part 2

8 More Hours of Mind-blowing Content

You’ll learn how to:


Session #8: Get them to Sell Themselves on the Solution

  • Close a non-financial sale

Session #10: Close a Wealth Management Sale

  • Draw out the desire to invest
  • Make sure the clients understand what they’re buying
  • Get them to sign on the dotted line

Session #12: Land Future Prospects Again and Again

  • Show your inner glow
  • Give off attractive energy
  • Expect the matter of fact

Session #14: Prepare for Your Certification Test

Session #9: Close a Life Insurance Sale

  • Draw out the desire to get life insurance
  • Make sure the clients understand what they’re buying
  • Get them to sign on the dotted line

Session #11: Handle Objections in the Close

  • Handle other resource objections
  • Handle product or strategy specific objections
  • Handle cold feet objections

Session #13: Ensure the Business Sticks

  • Follow-up after the meeting
  • Handle the dreaded email
  • Have the fifteen minute debrief call

Closing the Sale was an outstanding session. Seven weeks after the
boot camp we still have small groups meetings weekly to share learning and
role play. At least weekly I hear about a client that was gained due to
the education from this event. Thank you for helping us grow, Karl!

Mark Sorensen

What you guys are doing is absolutely crucial to the success and growth of new FRs. I truly believe that you all will eventually replace all of fast tracks training and significantly modify red letter.

I know that I’ve been inspired, have renewed confidence, and I’m ready to hit the ground running.

Thank you for all you do – I’ll see you at the next few Rule the Room series.

Scott Dunlap

What Attendees are saying from our last Rule the Room Financial event…

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