Create a Budget that Works

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Your clients have the desire to want and do lots of things, but those things take money. If a client doesn’t see where the money is going to come from, then he won’t feel confident enough to act. When you help clients create a budget that works, you help them accomplish two things. First, you are helping the clients find the money. You are helping the clients discover whether they are really as cash strapped as they think they are.

Secondly, you are helping the clients from a psychological standpoint. This is the part most financial advisors miss out on. People save more money when they feel good about what they are doing with their finances.

It’s not just about creating a budget

Don’t let the title of this course fool you. We’re not just creating a budget here. This video clip from our event Win the Relationship includes Jason Teteak and Guru Karl Dettmann. Karl will show you exactly what he does in his practice to uncover your clients spending pain points, how to bridge the marital stress gap, delivering a “budget” solution, and more. 

You’ll learn how to ask the right questions to get your client acting and thinking the way they need to. This is how we help our clients live better lives.

Meet Karl Dettman

Karl Dettmann is the master of running an efficient practice. He achieved 140 new clients in one year while working no more than 40 hours per week and taking two months of vacation. He did this by having prospects sell themselves, all while conserving his own energy and maintaining clarity around why he’s doing what he’s doing. Karl earned MDRT his first year as a rep. He earned top quarter of MDRT in his first three years.

Sales Personality = Performer

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