Engage Referrers to Tee Up Prospects for You

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In this course (a 1 hour clip from our live event Stack the Deck) you’ll learn how to work with your existing clients to expand your prospect list and get new prospects ‘teed’ up for success. What does that mean? Well it all starts with your client meetings. When you can give your client a great experience there is a series of questions to get them valuing your service and product.

We show you how to turn that conversation into a system of referrals and new clients excited for doing business with you.

Have your clients tee up prospects for you

In this 1 hour clip from Stack the Deck, Jason Teteak and guru Matt Heckmann discuss the three key strategies for getting clients to understand the value you bring, give you high quality names, and even tee up new prospects to be ready for your call.

This is an extremely valuable session and I guarantee it will transform your practice and the way you do business.

Meet Matt Heckmann

Matt is the master of painting a vision for clients. He inspires his clients through action – that is his gift. Matt has earned top MDRT honors multiple years.

Matt discusses in this clip some of the techniques he uses in his own practice that has helped him create a 7 figure practice. You'll get to hear word for word the lines and step-by-step details that will allow you to recreate this process for your own practice.

Sales Personality = Fascinator

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