What’s the nature of the licensing agreement?

It’s a one-year license, which is renewable every year. It’s for one year for all of the programs you have purchased for every rep in your agency. The programs can be accessed during that year at your office or remotely.

How should I set up the weekly training sessions for Rule the Room Financial in my office?

There are two ways to handle this. Way number one (which we recommend) would be to put each pod in a different room during the video portion; you can use training rooms or reps’ offices for this. Way number two would be to put them all in the same room and give them each headphones and then to simply work on activities with one another.

When should reps start the program?

One week out of Fast Track Sales School training.

The pods should be a group of two or three, but what if I have a rep start in a district office, and they are the only person from that office, for that class?

We recommend to take it with others, but the reality is that the videos and content are able to be done either way, and with the four styles, doing it on their own can still be VERY productive. Still, we would encourage them to still use their mentors each week, or find at least on another person to take it with.

You could also set up a conference line and have the one rep join the other pod electronically.

What should someone do if they go on vacation and miss a study hall?

They should watch or listen to the session they missed and are responsible for doing that week’s homework on their own.

Do tests/assessments come at the end of every week, or every module?

The main assessment comes at the end of every module, so three every year. However, at the end of every week there are assignments called “Your Turns” that will help them get ready for the assessment.

How do I get my reps to do the assignments every week?

The facilitator should randomly select three reps after every weekly numbers reporting meeting to share their answers for the Your Turns in front of everyone. This will help ensure reps are doing their assignments.

How does the certification work? What are reps certified in?

You should treat Rule the Room Financial certification like a CLU certification. Reps will go through the training and be held accountable for all five certifications. Each certification coincides with each year and in order to get certified, reps need to pass the qualitative assessment for each program in that year. Example: They must pass their assessment for Stack the Deck, Win the Relationship, and Close the Sale in Year 1 to become certified in Attract Clients Like Wildfire. Year 2 certification is Make it More Efficient, Year 3 is Think Bigger, Year 4 is Broaden Your Skill Set, and Year 5 is Become an Elite Advisor.

Who can facilitate the assessment?

The facilitators of the assessment include another rep in their pod and/or the facilitator and/or the mentor.

Should mentors go through the program too?

Yes, mentors should go through this too. It’s big for them to set the precedent and learn what their rep mentees are doing.  It’s not required though, just highly recommended.

When could I get a copy of the pledge book and other materials?

We send all of the materials to you after the kick-off call.  You’ll receive, for each module (Stack the Deck, Win the Relationship, Close the Sale) the following: Workbook, Facilitator’s Guide, Video Guide and Pledge Book.  You’ll also receive a coupon code for all your reps to join us at the live events for our cost of $200/rep and you’ll receive the username and password to give to each rep to get access to the videos/audio for the programs.

Is there anything I should do ahead of time to prepare for the live events?

Yes, your facilitators need to watch the Facilitator Bootcamp before you begin any training sessions. They then need to be certified by either a RTRF team member or an already certified facilitator at your agency.

Facilitators should also watch Session 1 at least one week prior to the start of the program.

How does this compliment other training programs reps do?

This compliments one program in particular, Granum, which is the science for financial reps and advisors. Rule The Room Financial represents the other half of the puzzle, and give reps everything they need to know about the art of selling to be successful in their business.