Jump Start Your Practice with These 3 Powerful Programs

Attract New Investment Assets

Discover three techniques you can apply immediately to help your clients get the most out of their lives.

This program will give you a system to teach your clients context and perspective by helping them determine whether their wealth actually aligns with their core values or not. It helps them get the most that they possibly can get out of life, given the resources available to them right now. That’s what you’ll be able to do for your clients. 

Expand Your Prospect List

Engage referrers to “tee up” prospects for you.

You’ll learn how to work with your existing clients to expand your prospect list and get new prospects ‘teed’ up for success. What does that mean? Well it all starts with your client meetings. When you can give your client a great experience there is a series of questions to get them valuing your service and product.

We show you how to turn that conversation into a system of referrals and new clients excited for doing business with you.

Get Your Clients to Save More

Find the resources for your clients to act.

Your clients have the desire to want and do lots of things, but those things take money. If a client doesn’t see where the money is going to come from, then he won’t feel confident enough to act. When you help clients create a budget that works, you help them accomplish two things. First, you are helping the clients find the money. You are helping the clients discover whether they are really as cash strapped as they think they are.

Secondly, you are helping the clients from a psychological standpoint. This is the part most financial advisors miss out on. People save more money when they feel good about what they are doing with their finances.

The Rule the Room Difference

The ability to build a million-dollar practice has more to do with psychology than with financials. This is a people business and your success is determined by building relationships with people.

At Rule the Room Financial we understand that everyone has a unique way of  building relationships with their clients. That’s why we teach every subject with four different personality styles. You’ll immediately connect with one of our four gurus styles and be able to quickly replicate what is working for them within your own business. This method of coaching will provide you with a way of connecting with your clients in your own unique voice and style.

Double Your Business

Hi, I’m Karl Dettmann. I’d like you to consider the following: If I told you our training could double your practice in less than a year, how much would that be worth to you?

I’m guessing that number is pretty significant and could have a lot of impact on your life.

I want to tell you that it is possible.

We’ve helped hundreds of financial advisors to double their business, take more time off, and love what they do.

I’d like to give you a taste of what we do absolutely free.

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Meet Your Mentors

Meet Karl Dettman

Karl Dettmann is the master of running an efficient practice. He achieved 140 new clients in one year while working no more than 40 hours per week and taking two months of vacation. He did this by having prospects sell themselves, all while conserving his own energy and maintaining clarity around why he’s doing what he’s doing. Karl earned MDRT his first year as a rep. He earned top quarter of MDRT in his first three years.

Sales Personality = Performer

Meet Matt Heckmann

Matt is the master of painting a vision for clients. He inspires his clients through action – that is his gift. Matt earned top MDRT honors multiple years.

Sales Personality = Fascinator

Meet Chris Koon

Chris Koon is human to the nth degree. Chris has a powerful personality and uses that power to protect and care for his clients in ways that set him apart from other reps. He has a knack for energizing his clients and helping them conquer the mountains in their lives. Chris is a MDRT lifetime member.

Sales Personality = Energizer

Meet Katherine Forrester

Katherine Forrester is a poet. When she talks you want to listen. Katherine is a master storyteller with a caring quality that makes people want to do things they never thought they could do. She helps people be the best they can be by taking it all in, and giving it all back. Katherine is a MDRT lifetime member.

Sales Personality = Inspirer

Meet John Adams

When you are with John Adams, you feel as if you are the only person that matters. His clients feel the same thing. The level of focused attention he brings to others as he seeks to help them optimize their situation is unparalleled. This unique ability to connect deeply has enabled John to build a business that is rewarding on so many levels. A 10 time Forum and lifetime MDRT producer, John loves having fun while positively impacting lives, and he wants to share those insights with you!

Sales Personality = Inspirer

Meet Jason Teteak

Jason Teteak is able to decode the magic that happens when top reps are meeting with their clients. He then bottles up the secret sauce and presents it to advisors so they can use it in their own style and language to apply it to any situation. Jason teaches durable fulfillment, helping advisors and their clients find happiness, success and freedom. He’s helped 100,000 people become more effective with their clients. Jason recently published his book entitled Rule The Room.

Meet Amber Fritz

Amber Fritz is passionate about good writing and a well-organized plan, which makes her the perfect fit for both our production team and leading our implementation efforts. She has many years of experience in instructional design and technical writing, and even more as a project manager. With Amber behind our written materials and at your side through your training program implementation, attention to detail, efficiency, and quality outcomes are assured.

Meet Jim Teteak

Jim Teteak is living proof that Rule The Room Financial can be effective even for those with a “backwards“ profile. Jim is a former pharmacist who became an advisor without having a social network and was identified as being a serial introvert. Despite entering the business with a grand total of six contacts in his phone, he was able to cold call his way to an MDRT production level in his first year in the business by applying what he learned from Matt, Karl, Chris and John. He did it by attending and studying the Rule The Room material, while at the same time handling operations for the company. We all have the ability to use our unique selling style to be successful and Jim is the experimental guinea pig to prove it.

Meet Tiffany Yapp

Tiffany Yapp is dedicated to creating well-produced videos for our training programs. Her background in TV news producing and video editing make her a great addition to our operations team. Tiffany changed the game when she came on board, and will continue to do her best in ensuring great customer service and content for our clients.

If you’re ready to change the way you work, get better leads,make more money and have less stress, then sign in today.