Master Your Mind

Find the most genuine version of yourself.


Find the Most Genuine Version of Yourself.

Allow Success to Come to You

Master Your Emotional Intelligence

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Master Your Competitive Advantage

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What is Master Your Mind?

When you come to a Rule the Room event, you can get ready to grow, THINK BIGGER, and take your life and your business beyond what you knew possible.... You'll be spending time with the best financial advisers in the world and hundreds of your colleagues to dive head first into 2 full-throttle days of speaking geared towards helping your practice grow.

How Master Your Mind Will Change Your Life

Find the Genuine You

Implement tools to be more comfortable in your own skin and be more attractive.

Build Genuineness to get People to Keep Buying

Discover how you’re not going to self-limit yourself to allow success to come to you.

Make it Safe to Grow

Stop wasting your energy on things you have no control over and start focusing on things that matter most.

Master Thriving Rather than Surviving

We'll discuss how to get out of survival mode and into thrive mode so you can become the master of thriving in your business.

Take Turtle Steps Towards Genuineness Amidst Adversity

At a certain point, most of the issues we have are mental issues. We’re not really in poverty. We’re not really struggling, it’s all created. We'll show you how to conquer your fear of success so you can put yourself at ease in your life and in your practice.

Become the Master of Your Business

We'll show you how to master your mind so you can become a master in your business


If you've ever done a training course before then you know that it's generally 1 person giving you the tips and tricks that has worked best for them. Well, truth of the matter is, that there are 4 types of sales people. Performers, Inspirers, Engergizers, and Fascinators. Not sure which you are? No problem, we'll help you discover that. But the fact is that you are one of them, you just may not know which. Rule the Room has 1 leading industry professional from each of the 4 sales personalities teaching every course so you know how to apply our tips and tricks in a style you're comfortable with.

Our Speakers


Access to these advisors would cost you well over $5000 a day in consulting fees,

and you get them for 2 full days.

Karl Dettmann

Matt Heckmann

John Adams

Chris Koon

Part 1

8 Hours of Life Changing Content

You’ll learn how to:


Session #1: Master Your Own Skin

o Know yourself through strengths and weaknesses
o Embrace change in your life
o Know how to say “no”

Session #3: Master Thriving Rather than Surviving

o Become more curious about people
o Become a good judge of character
o Give and expect nothing in return

Session #5: Master Your Love for Your Life

o Let go of mistakes
o Be ok with less than perfection
o Appreciate what you have

Session #7: Practice for Your Certification Test

Session #2: Master Your Social Attraction

o Build a robust emotional vocabulary
o Become more emotionally flexible
o Grow your social intelligence

Session #4: Master Resiliency Amidst Adversity

o Let go of holding grudges
o Be difficult to offend
o Neutralize toxic people

Session #6: Master Positivity

o Disconnect from the grind
o Stop negative self-talk in its tracks
o Keep your joy intact and healthy

Part 2

8 More Hours of Improving your Business

You’ll learn how to:


Session #8: Master Your Grit

o Identify how gritty you are
o Set up your environment for self-control
o Make your grit sustainable

Session #10: Master Your Mental Aptitude

o Create gratitude, curiosity, and optimism
o Stay even-tempered and patient
o Maintain responsibility and realism

Session #12: Master Your Problem-Solving Skills

o Compete with yourself
o Take more effective risks
o Become a more skilled actor

Session #14: Prepare for Your Certification Test

Session #9: Master your leadership traits

o Master your character and concentration
o Master your confidence and courage
o Master your capacity and consistency

Session #11: Master Your Physical Dexterity

o Become more relaxed
o Get physically fit
o Develop strong body language

Session #13: Mastery Your Self-Coaching Prowess

o Achieve coachability
o Increase maturity
o Become more self-reliant

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Find the Most Genuine Version of Yourself.

Allow Success to Come to You

Master Your Emotional Intelligence

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Master Your Competitive Advantage

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