Guru Audio Interview Series

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One of the principles of Rule the Room Financial is “CANI” which stands for Continuous and Never-Ending Improvement. This two-year interview series provides monthly coaching and accountability on thinking bigger, helping you get out of your own way, and learning some tools and techniques to help your practice grow without there being as much of a struggle. For just $1 you get 2 months of access to our insider secrets. After two months the monthly subscription will continue at its regular price of only $19.97/month for another 22 months, unless you request to cancel. We will send you a reminder.

Why should you spend your precious time listening to us?

1: Monthly Entertainment and Education

Every month we sit a top financial advisor in the hot seat and force him to spill his secrets

2: Optimize your workday

Master the art of delegating tasks and spending your time doing what you love

3: Grow yourself and your business

Listen in as advisors share not only their best business tips, but tips to make your life better.

Monthly Entertainment and Education

Listen in as industry leaders such as Karl Dettmann, John Adams, Matt Heckmann, and Chris Koon chat with Jason Teteak about what makes their financial practice tick. Every episode will motivate you to think bigger, help you get out of your own way, and learn tools to help your practice grow.

Optimize your workday

Too often I find that what is holding me and other advisors back is not the area we live in, the office we work in, or the people we work with. Many times it is ourselves. When you look at all of our daily tasks, the up's and down's, management, leadership, can be emotionally taxing.

Grow yourself and your business

The role of the financial advisor is to be the advocate, mentor, or coach. The role of the client is to be the athlete. Together, they can create a meaningful partnership of mutual value for years to come. I can tell you right up front that many financial reps are afraid of creating partnerships. That’s because in a partnership you must truly allow yourself to be vulnerable. You’re really getting to know your clients and what’s important to them, and you’re holding them accountable to what’s important to them. When you do that, they can do the same to you.

I love this! It's a peek behind the curtain if you will and it is helping me formulate and strategize what and how I should run my business.

Bob King

Your style and step by step approach really gives listeners a feel for how top advisors operate and think. It really helps put what I’ve read in books into practice.

Chris Robinson

Guru Audio Interview Series

Start listening in on the Guru Audio Interview Series and we’ll provide you with 2 months of amazing content. Just by signing up you have put yourself on the right course for optimizing your practice and giving yourself the competitive edge.