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One of the principles of Rule the Room Financial is “CANI” which stands for Continuous and Never-Ending Improvement. This newsletter + interview series bundle provides monthly coaching and accountability on thinking bigger, helping you get out of your own way, and learning some tools and techniques to help your practice grow without there being as much of a struggle.

The interview series is delivered on the 20th of every month in mp3 format. You can download these and listen to them on your iPhone or Android phone.Karl-Dettmann-Optimize

Subscribers receive a complimentary newsletter as an introduction. This introduction will help you land the clients you want.

You’ll also receive an introductory email with a bonus interview with Karl Dettmann. Karl Dettmann achieved 140 new clients in one year while working no more than 40 hours per week and taking two months of vacation. Karl earned MDRT his first year as a rep. He earned top quarter of MDRT in his first three years.


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