How to Run a More Efficient Practice – The eBook

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Have you ever found yourself exhausted at the end of the day wondering why people don’t move forward with your recommendations?

Implementing the techniques in our efficient practice ebook will show you not only how to conserve your energy and run a profitable practice, but it will show you how to get your clients to sell themselves.

You’ll learn how to build a practice that self-perpetuates so that your relationships with your clients are strong enough that people start to call you. Instead of fighting to be successful in this business, you’ll actually attract clients to work with you and become more and more profitable while saving energy doing it.

Part 1: Make better use of your time and conserve your energy

  • Chapter 1: Get clients to sell themselves
  • Chapter 2: Do revenue producing activities remembering you run a business
  • Chapter 3: Delegate tasks and manage your time

Part 2: Bring on more clients with a higher acquisition rate

  • Chapter 4: Help uncover your clients visions
  • Chapter 5: Create a partnership with your client
  • Chapter 6: Invite the client to go away

What others are saying:

“Captivating! Thanks for sharing your book with me…I just read it front to back and enjoyed it thoroughly.”

-Andrew J. Hunter, Wealth Management Advisor

We’re giving away Chapter 1 of the ebook, absolutely free!

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1 review for How to Run a More Efficient Practice – The eBook

  1. Ryan J. Goldman

    Easy read with powerful language and ideas that can be easily worked into my practice. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to burn less energy and get clients to sell themselves. It’s amazing how simple, but effective this can be. Without reservation, I heartily recommend this book to anyone who wants to enhance their life, business, and relationships with clients.

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