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Let us ask you a few questions:

  • Do you currently have clients setting up new prospect Fact Finder meetings for you?
  • Do you have your staff happily phoning and getting your calendar full of new Fact Finders for you?
  • What percentage of your prospects onboard quickly, easily, and profitably?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Establish profitable phoning beliefs
  • Build a strategy to reach out to people
  • Develop your own unique calling style
  • Get your staff to phone for you
  • Set up your environment for successful calling
  • Pick up the phone and call
  • Create profitable prospecting beliefs
  • Prospect in different scenarios
  • Determine who you are going to prospect to
  • Champion profitable client events
  • Engage referrers to tee up prospects for you
  • Get your clients to set meetings for you

Speakers include:


Karl Dettmann is the master of running an efficient practice. He achieved 140 new clients in one year while working no more than 40 hours per week and taking two months of vacation. He did this by having prospects sell themselves, all while conserving his own energy and maintaining clarity around why he’s doing what he’s doing. Karl earned MDRT his first year as a rep. He earned top quarter of MDRT in his first three years.

Katherine Forrester is a poet. When she talks you want to listen. Katherine is a master storyteller with a caring quality that makes people want to do things they never thought they could do. She helps people be the best they can be by taking it all in, and giving it all back. Katherine is a MDRT lifetime member.

Matt Heckmann is the master of painting a vision for clients. He inspires his clients through action – that is his gift. Matt earned top MDRT honors multiple years.

Chris Koon is human to the nth degree. Chris has a powerful personality and uses that power to protect and care for his clients in ways that set him apart from other reps. He has a knack for energizing his clients and helping them conquer the mountains in their lives. Chris is a MDRT lifetime member.

Jason Teteak is able to decode the magic that happens when top reps are meeting with their clients. He then bottles up the secret sauce and presents it to advisors so they can use it in their own style and language to apply it to any situation. Jason teaches durable fulfillment, helping advisors and their clients find happiness, success and freedom. He’s helped 100,000 people become more effective with their clients. Jason recently published his book entitled Rule The Room.


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