Rack up Repeat Sales:

Deliver Client Reviews with Impact.


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What is Rack up Repeat Sales?

When you come to a Rule the Room event, you can get ready to grow, THINK BIGGER, and take your life and your business beyond what you knew possible.... You'll be spending time with the best financial advisers in the world and hundreds of your colleagues to dive head first into 2 full-throttle days of speaking geared towards helping your practice grow.

How Rack Up Repeat Sales Will Change Your Life

Remove the Craziness and Strengthen Relationships

Give Life-Changing Retreats to your select clients.

Build anticipation to get people to keep buying

Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Follow a Simple Process to Profitable Reviews

Uncover hidden opportunities and Enrich your clients work life.

Work on Relationships versus Work

We'll discuss how to offer community service programs your clients can get behind. Not only do we feel better when we give, but we can get our clients engaged in those partnerships and create a powerful bond outside of work that translates to the office.

Social Media Marketing for Advisers

Learn how to create a social media marketing strategy to maximize your billboard reach (Twitter), your personal reach (Facebook), and your business reach (LinkedIn).. When we effectively leverage social media to our advantage, you'll be amazed with the results.

Deliver Reviews that Close Sales

Uncover hidden opportunities during your reviews. We'll show you how to direct the conversation to steer clients to the plan and establish value beyond performance.


If you've ever done a training course before then you know that it's generally 1 person giving you the tips and tricks that has worked best for them. Well, truth of the matter is, that there are 4 types of sales people. Performers, Inspirers, Engergizers, and Fascinators. Not sure which you are? No problem, we'll help you discover that. But the fact is that you are one of them, you just may not know which. Rule the Room has 1 leading industry professional from each of the 4 sales personalities teaching every course so you know how to apply our tips and tricks in a style you're comfortable with.

Our Speakers


Access to these advisors would cost you well over $5000 a day in consulting fees,

and you get them for 2 full days.

Karl Dettmann

Matt Heckmann

John Adams

Chris Koon

Part 1

8 Hours of Mind-blowing Content

You’ll learn how to:


Session #1: Create a Client Retention Business Plan

  • Assess your current client retention strategy
  • Create measurable goals for client retention
  • Train them to rely on your team

Session #3: Offer Community Service Programs Clients Can Get Behind

  • Identify where your values align with the community
  • Find non-profit organizations to partner with
  • Get clients engaged in your partnership with nonprofits

Session #5: Maintain Contact through Phone, Email, and Texts

  • Develop a phone, text, and email touch strategy
  • Delivery phone calls with impact
  • Send amazing emails and texts

Session #7: Practice for Your Certification Test

Session #2: Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Maximize your billboard reach with Twitter
  • Maximize your personal reach with Facebook
  • Maximize your business reach with LinkedIn

Session #4: Create Client Events for Specific Subsets of Your Clients

  • Select cheap bucket list events
  • Make your bucket list events tangible
  • Invite your clients to bucket list events

Session #6: Promote Life-Changing Events to Your Select Clients

  • Get client buy-in for retreats
  • Give impactful short retreats
  • Deliver killer long retreats

Part 2

8 More Hours of Improving Your Business

You’ll learn how to:


Session #8: Deliver Zero Follow-Up Reviews

  • Begin the meeting with new business
  • Update the plan in the meeting
  • Remove the typical to-do’s

Session #10: Uncover Hidden Opportunities

  • Win investment assets
  • Update insurance coverage
  • Find Auxiliary sales

Session #12: Become Intimate in the Review

  • Make meaningful family connections
  • Enrich your client’s work life
  • Build connection through their financial plan

Session #14: Prepare for Your Certification Test

Session #9: Deliver Reviews Centered on the Plan

  • Establish value beyond performance
  • Steer clients to the plan
  • Handle clients who only want to talk aboutfees and performance

Session #11: Handle Hostile Client Reviews

  • Handle disgruntled clients
  • Handle differing expert opinions
  • Handle tricky family situations

Session #13: Be Your Client’s Only Advisor

  • Take over all the investment assets
  • Take over all the insurance
  • Keep your “All-In” clients “All In”

One of the most valuable ways to increase revenues is with your existing clients. This course gives you the tools you need to get people to keep buying and buying.

Mike Hansen

This program is essential to the growth of any financial adviser that is ready to go to the next level. You'll see tremendous value and business growth when you can fully utilize and build your team.

Jason Teteak

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