Setting a meeting over the phone

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Have you ever found yourself exhausted at the end of the day wondering why people don’t move forward with your recommendations? You’ll learn how to build a practice that self-perpetuates so that your relationships with your clients are strong enough that people start to call you. Instead of fighting to be successful in this business, you’ll actually attract clients to work with you and become more and more profitable while saving energy doing it.

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Learn how to Work Less

Get clients to sell themselves and learn how to better manage your time.

Make More Money

Do more revenue Producing Activities and delegate tasks.

Get More Clients

Uncover your clients visions and create the partnership you want.

How am I supposed to Work Less?

As soon as I say the words “let go of control,” many of us start to freak out. The response I often hear is, “How can you expect me to give up control? I need to keep my finger on the pulse of everything that’s going on in my practice.” Well, I can certainly understand that logic, but the truth is, a successful financial practice is just like every other well-run business. The leaders need to be focused on the activities with the greatest impact, and everything else should be left to those they lead. If you try to handle everything, you will eventually get flustered and finally say, “I just can’t do it anymore!” You’ll find that, despite your effort, the control you so desperately wanted to maintain will be lost anyway. Wouldn’t you rather give control to the people you trust than lose it to chaos?

Help us, Help you, Make More Money

Learn how to utilize your time effectively and how to leverage a team to make you more money. It’s amazing when you remove yourself from the day to day tasks that aren’t revenue generating, how your business will start to make more profit than ever before. Every day you are faced with hundreds of decisions about what to do with your time. These decisions boil down to doing one of two things. You can either choose to do activities that are going to make money or choose not to. Many of us don’t even recognize that our choices have such a great impact on our revenue.

Get More Clients

The role of the financial advisor is to be the advocate, mentor, or coach. The role of the client is to be the athlete. Together, they can create a meaningful partnership of mutual value for years to come. I can tell you right up front that many financial reps are afraid of creating partnerships. That’s because in a partnership you must truly allow yourself to be vulnerable. You’re really getting to know your clients and what’s important to them, and you’re holding them accountable to what’s important to them. When you do that, they can do the same to you.

Easy read with powerful language and ideas that can be easily worked
into my practice. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to burn less
energy and get clients to sell themselves. It’s amazing how simple, but
effective this can be. Without reservation, I heartily recommend this book
to anyone who wants to enhance their life, business, and relationships with

Ryan J. Goldman

Captivating! Thanks for sharing your book with me…I just read it front to
back and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Andrew J. Hunter, Wealth Management

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