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What Will This Course Teach You?

Turn your Calls into Cash

Discover your genuine phoning tactics that feel natural to you.

Grow a Prospect Backlog

Learn how to grow your list with this one simple trick.

Have Clients Set Meetings with You

We’ll show you how to get clients to call and email you for an appointment.

It's time to get excited about picking up the phone.

The phone is the start of all opportunity in this business. If you don’t set appointments, you’ll never get fact finders. Without fact finders, you’ll never get the sales, and you’ll never get the referrals. All things that matriculate success in this business start with the phone.

Stack the Deck focuses on creating or molding your phoning into a unique and genuine phoning style that fits with your personality. When you're genuine, that’s usually the most attractive version of yourself, and that’s what’s going to lead people to want to meet with you and you’re going to separate yourself from a typical salesperson.

Here is the bottom line on prospecting.

If you don’t have people to call on, then you’re out of business. If you had an endless pipeline of prospects then you would be wildly successful. Most people are afraid of confrontation and are simply afraid to 'ask' for referrals.

In its simplest form, it’s just asking. You don’t even have to be that good at it, but you’ve got to ask. It’s how you get paid for your time. You go through a fact finder, and you ask at the end. You can even put it in the approach if you want to. If you’re not asking, even if you do a great fact finder and never see the person again, they may still give you a referral with somebody who will do ten grand of premium with you. You just never know. If you’re not prospecting, then what are you doing? You’re cold calling. When you’re cold calling, that’s a miserable existence. There’s no connectivity to the meeting. When you become a really ferocious prospector, you build a bullet-proof practice.

Have your clients do work for you.

Your vision should be this: each of your clients needs to introduce you to one new person per year. Most people, when they hear this, think to themselves, “That’s it?” Yes, one person per year. But guess what? If you have five hundred clients, that’s five hundred new people per year. Even if only one hundred people are introducing you to one new person a year, and those are people that are not only teed up, but are getting set on your calendar, then that’s two-thirds of the business you can do in a year! It all starts with this vision of starting with these few people, but then it multiplies and multiplies.

If getting referrers to tee up prospects for you is grade school, then this program is college. It takes you from dipping your toe in the water to jumping all in. About 40% of financial representatives are already getting the clients to tee it up. Only about 1-3% of financial representatives are doing what we’re teaching you to do in this program. It’s rare and it’s awesome. After this boot camp, a lot more people are going to be doing it.

A Quick Look at Stack the Deck


If you’ve ever done a training course before then you know that it’s generally 1 person giving you the tips and tricks that has worked best for them. Well the problem with that is that there are 4 types of sales people. Performers, Inspirers, Engergizers, and Fascinators and they are require their own sales strategies.

Not sure which you are? No problem, we’ll help you discover that. But the fact is that you are one of them, you just may not know which. Rule the Room has 1 leading industry professional from each of the 4 sales personalities teaching every course so you know how to apply our tips and tricks in a style you’re comfortable with.

Learn how to fill your calendar with prospects that are ready for business.

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Your Coaches


Access to these advisors would cost you well over $5000 a day in consulting fees,

and you get them for 2 full days.

Karl Dettmann

Katherine Forrester

Matt Heckmann

Chris Koon

Part 1

8 Hours of Mind-blowing Content

You’ll learn how to:


Session #1: Establish Profitable Phoning Beliefs

  • Identify Your Non-Profitable Phoning Beliefs
  • Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts
  • Turn Positive Thoughts Into Profitable Phoning Beliefs

Session #3: Develop Your Own Unique Calling Style

  • Develop Your Own Natural Tone Of Voice
  • Develop Your Own Unique Calling Language
  • Give The Prospect Control During The Call

Session #5: Set Up a Successful Phoning Environment

  • Plan And Prepare The Night Before
  • Eliminate All Possible Distractions
  • Stay Intentional With Your Calls

Session #7: Practice for Your Certification Test

Session #2: Build a Strategy to Reach Out to People

  • Identify A Profitable Target Market
  • Know When And Where To Call
  • Determine How You Will Be Relevant

Session #4: Get Your Staff to Phone for You

  • Develop Your Staff’s Language To Introduce You
  • Develop A Nurturing Environment For Your Staff
  • Help Your Staff Call The Right People

Session #6: Pick Up the Phone and Call

  • Make Phoning Fun And Exciting
  • Follow A Specific Phoning Game Plan
  • Connect On A Personal Level Over The Phone

Part 2

8 More Hours of Game Changing Content

You’ll learn how to:


Session #8: Create Profitable Prospecting Beliefs

  • Identify Your Non-Profitable Prospecting Beliefs
  • Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts
  • Turn Positive Thoughts Into Profitable Prospecting Beliefs

Session #10: Determine Who You are Going to Prospect to

  • Determine Who You Work Well With
  • Determine Who Is Profitable
  • Determine Who You Should Not Work With

Session #12: Engage Referrers to Tee Up Prospects for You

  • Get Them To Say The Value You Bring
  • Get Them To Give You High Quality Names
  • Get Them To Tee People Up For You

Session #14: Prepare for Your Certification Test

Session #9: Prospect in Different Scenarios

  • Prospect With Clients In Person
  • Prospect Online And Over The Phone
  • Prospect With Complete Strangers

Session #11: Champion Profitable Client Events

  • Get The Right People
  • Create The Right Experience
  • Solidify Future Business From The Event

Session #13: Get Your Clients to Set Meetings for You

  • Get Buy-in
  • Give The Clients The Tools
  • Hold Them Accountable

What you guys are doing is absolutely critical to the success and growth of new FRs. I truly believe that you all will eventually replace all of fast tracks training and significantly modify red letter. I know that I’ve been inspired, have renewed confidence, and I’m ready to hit the ground running. Thank you for all you do – I’ll see you at the next few Rule the Room series.

Scott Dunlap

I want to tell you how much the Rule the Room session helped me with my phoning. I’ve already met my weekly phoning goal and you, the speakers, and the program have given me the drive to surpass it today. I feel like a weight’s been lifted from my shoulders and can’t believe how easy phoning is now. THANK YOU!

Jolie P. LaBarre

There may be no single bootcamp that has a greater effect on a new rep's practice than this one. This bootcamp should literally be REQUIRED for every Rep that is 5 years in the business or less.

Jason Teteak

So far we are extremely pleased. I’ve even gotten feedback from a rep after they had a session on telephoning, saying that it instantly helped his telephoning after he left the room. He set more appointments in that hour than he had in a couple weeks.

Brian Cunningham, Managing Partner

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